Our Partnership with Dr. Patricia Bailey and MTM Global Network

We are glad to collaborate our efforts by helping to bring solar energy to the village. Our Jerusalem Eco village in South Africa will teach the children from very marginalized townships, how to turn trash into cash and waste into wealth.

They’ve grown up in an atmosphere of waste and with your support, we will transform their mindsets to turn the waste places into a garden of Eden. They will learn the majestic character of the creator through recycling.

Taking rubber tires and making furniture and plastic bottles into a product line. This initiative will provide job creation and a concept of entrepreneurship.

The village will house our orphaned boys and girls.  Empowerment Vocational Institute will provoke and challenge students to become the future environmental and economic solution to South Africa.

The village will be equipped with a health clinic, farming garden, a recycling center, solar energy eco toilets and a product distribution center.  The Jerusalem Eco Village is where we believe that the future is NOW!!!


Praying with our Community

Our local missions team visits the community for prayer and outreach.


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Local Missions

Triumph is committed to feeding families every week in the city of Waterbury, CT and neighboring communities. It is our desire to end food insecurity and empower the underprivileged through services and programs.


Peru Missions

Triumph is blessed to partner with El Conquistador Church of Peru and Ecuador in missions both virtual and in-person. Our upcoming trip to Peru is planned for summer 2021. If you are interested in partnering and praying with us, please contact us today.


Are you called to missions?

Even if you are unable to travel, you can still support us locally or contribute financially to global missions. We thank you in advance for your support!